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Welcome to The Lion's Den
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Message from the Administrative Team

School Adminstration Team: Mr. Mark Kolohon (VP), Ms. Lori Klages (VP) and Ms. Andrea Tang (Principal).

AUGUST 18/14
Welcome to our home page! You are welcome to contact a school administrator at any time if you have a concern or suggestion. Our number is 519-924-2721. We try to update this page weekly so you know what's going on at the Highlands.

GHSS IS NOW OPEN FOR APPOINTMENTS WITH ADMINISTRATORS. There are also some Guidance appointments available the week before school begins.

ON-LINE PAYMENTS: GHSS is a pilot school this year for a new on-line payment system. Parents and students will be able to pay student fees, sports fees and field trip fees on-line eliminating the need for students to carry cash or parents to write cheques. Details will be in our September newsletter.

TIME TABLES for the 2014/2015 year will be available on the first day of school.

ONTARIO SECONDARY SCHOOL LITERACY TEST: Students have now been informed of their results for the OSSLT. Letters will be available to go home with report cards in July. Students needing to register in the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course have been notified.

GHSS SCHOOL COMMUNITY ADVISORY COUNCIL: The minutes of our March 18th, 2014 meeting are posted linked to our home page. Our next meeting will be Thursday September 11 at 7:30 p.m. in the libary. All are welcome! Please call the principal for more information.

BUS TOWER NOTIFICATIONS: School bus cancellations, school closures and school event notifications are now available on-line. A link to the cancellations website can easily be found on the Student Transportation Consortium website at (follow the link named “Bus Cancellation Website”). Cancellations for our school will appear on the page named Zone 15, Dundalk, Flesherton, Markdale, & Maxwell. If you would like to automatically receive an email each time a new posting is made just press the “Follow” button at the bottom of the screen and enter your email address. You can also follow on Twitter and RSS.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcome to contact a member of the school administration at any time. Our school number is 519-924-2721.

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As part of the Ministry Of Education's continued efforts to focus on creating and maintaining safe schools which actively focuses on bullying prevention and intervention, all schools are forming a Safe School Team.  The team for GHSS is:

Andrea Tang
Principal & Chair
Heather Sprott
Parent Rep
Dave Ringrose
Community Rep
Taylor Seeley
Student Rep
Jessie Hooker
Student Rep
Andrew Riddick
Mark Kolohon
Mina Perry & Sue Ferris
Teacher Rep
Flo Duncan
Non-Teaching Staff Rep
Rose McLaughlin
Non-Teaching Staff Rep

Our school code of conduct can be found in our icon "GHS code of conduct" on the left handside of this page.