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Contact Us!

P.O. Box 460
(519) 924-2721
Flesherton, Ontario
(519) 370-2921
N0C 1E0
GHS Mail  [General Mailbox]

Andrea Tang, Principal
Trevor Gilbert, Vice-Principal
Jennifer Gunion, Vice-Principal

Flo Stanfield-Duncan, Office Manager
Linda Price, Office Professional
Angela Beren, Office Professional
Community Education:
For Community Use of Schools permits, Community Education programming including Beginner Driver Education, ESL, General Interest, Adult Credit and Summer School, please visit - Community Education or telephone 519-363-2014 or 1-800-661-7509 and ask to speak with Kris Klages, Community Education Services Assistant.
Teachers:Teacher Listing

Sylvia Perry, Head Custodian
Jennine Schildt, Assistant Head-Custodian
Helene Inacio, Assistant Head-Custodian
Tina Kaufman, Custodian
Anna VanWick, Custodian
Susan Seeley, Custodian
Jeremy Russell, Custodian


Jim Dawson
(519) 924-3766

Educational Assistants:
Diane Akitt
Tracey Bannerman
Jennifer Sheridan
Colleen Eidenmueller
Leeann Routenburg
Vicki Watson
Krista McCormack
Rose McLaughlin
Wendy Stephens
Darlene Vrij


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